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How May I Serve? An Interview with Wayne Dyer

This conversations with Wayne Dyer is quite incredible and we could all learn something from what he shares.   Via Awaken: by Ray Hemachandra: I love talking to Wayne Dyer. First of all, the breadth and depth of thought across disciplines he brings to a conversation are amazing… I always learn new and important things. Secondly, the...


The Journey to Team Human

The journey is different for everyone. The journey to Team Human. We all take our own paths. Each on our own track at our own place to the same thing. It is how we relate to each other, our relationships with others and the world around us that drives our happiness and satisfaction in this...


The Amazing Community of Team Human

Team Human is a community of us. A network of people around the world that are celebrating what they share and helping each other towards common goals of sharing a beautiful, positive world. We are the changemakers of our generations, the ones looking beyond the veil of what is before just us and consider our...