Team Human Projects

Team Human Projects bring people together around all kinds of topics. From building eco systems to writing songs, coming together in cooperation transforms the way we understand and interact with each other. Connect to a Team Human Project today. 

Paint Parties

Paint Parties are one of the longest running Team Human Projects. Bringing groups together to create their very own Team Human Custom Gear. T-Shirts, Hats, even lifevests and more, everyone is invited to get creative and share their own Team Human Expression with the world. 

Stickers Across the World

Share Your Team Human spirit across the globe. Share an image of a Team Human Sticker in an interesting place and participate in creating a global gallery of Team Human Spirit!

Tales of Team Human

Tales of Team Human Shares the incredible stories of Team Human Across the world. From touching moments to inspiring Humans. 

Team Human from all over the world are invited to share their positive stories and contribute to the positive global conversation. 

By Sharing these stories we are inspiring and empowering each other to live beautifully together. 

Big Water @ School

Team Human Arts director Big Water shares the beauty of creating music with schoolchildren. Visiting schools across the country Big Water brings his golden voice into the classroom and teaches children that making music is fun to do together!