Paint Parties

One of the Original Team Human Projects. Bringing people together to create their very own custom Team Human Gear to share their unique Team Human spirit with the world. 

What is a Paint Party?

When we started Team Human Project we didn’t have the money to print T-shirts for everybody that wanted one. So we came up with a unique solution. Why don’t we all paint our very own Team Human shirt? 

Bringing people together in living rooms and classrooms around the world this program has been one of our longest running and still one of the funnest. 

We have started an ongoing gallery of Team Human T-shirts from around the world. Paint some Gear and share your Team Human Spirit with the community!

Host Your Very Own Paint Party

We created the Paint Party Pack to make it easy to host your very own Team Human Paint Party. 

Included in the Party Pack Download:

  • Materials checklist
  • Stencil designs for the TH logo and the Text
  • Tips and hints for hosting your Paint Party.